Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor(Wi-Fi)

The Temperature & Humidity Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered sensor to monitor environment , be informed of the current temperature and humidity of critical equipment and rooms, as well as receive instant notifications of changes based on your personalized criteria. Current temperature and humidity is displayed on the App, along with historical graphs, so you can monitor current and past temperature and humidity conditions. Receive notification per your individual settings whenever a pre-set value is reached.

Product features 

• Wi-Fi connection / No hub needed

• Extremely accurate temperature and humidity figures (+/- .3 degrees Celsius and +/- 3 percent humidity)

• High-temperature/low-temperature & humidity alerts

• Low power notification

• Easy to install and move.

Main parameters

• Model Number : HTH-J801

• Communication: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

• Temperature Range: -30℃~70℃

• Button:  1

• LED: 1

• Battery Type:  AA*3

 Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

• Dimension: 63*60*21.5mm