Smart bulb

The Smart bulb is a dimmable LED light and can save energy . You can switch ON or OFF or dim the light via app on smart phone. With the App, you can also do scheduling control to set a time schedule for your home lights. Set the perfect illumination for any occasion. Brilliant color adjustment and 2700K-6500K warm light. Switch on the smart LED bulb before arriving home, dim the smart lights to have a party with your friends.

Product features 

• ON/OFF remote control and scheduling control

• Adjust the light dimmer or color and memorize the setting

Main parameters

• Model number: IBL-7291(A60) / IBL-72A1(A70)

• Communication: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

• Lamp Life Hrs.: 15K Hrs. {at 25ᵒC (±2ᵒC)}

• Rated Lamp Wattage: A60: 9W {<+10% Range}

                                        A70: 12W {<+10% Range}

• Lamp CCT: RGB OR WHITE (6500K) OR WARM WHITE (2700K)

• Housing: A60/A70 OVER MOLDED

• Base Cap: B22 /E27

• Ingress Protection: IP20

• Rated Luminous Flux:

            A60: 850lm (for 6500K) {-10% Range} OR 765lm (for 3000K) {-10% Range}   1 x USB power LED

            A70: 1140lm (for 6500K) {-10% Range} OR 950lm (for 3000K) {-10% Range}

• CRI: ≥ 80

• Beam angle: 220ᵒ±25%

• A THD: ≤ 30%

• Driver Efficiency: ≥ 75%

• PF: ≥ 0.9

• Operating Voltage Range/Working voltage: 120V - 300V

• Voltage range for Lamp "ON" & Saftey: 120V - 300V

• Rated Voltage for Performance & Life Time: 220V - 240V

• Temparature for Performance measurment: 25ᵒC (±2ᵒC)

• Working Temperature: -10ᵒC to 45ᵒC

• Surge Voltage: ≥ 3.0KV

• Working Humidity: 10% - 90% RH

• Max. voltage withstand: 350VAC for 1Hr. & 370VAC for 30Mins.