Motorcycle Tracker

This product is using for motorcycle tracking. It has built-in cellular module and GNSS satellite positioning module.

The device can be positioned in real time and sent to your app via the LTE-CAT1/GSM network.

Support user-defined geo-fencing and historical track replay function.

Small and lightweight, easy to deployment.

Product features 

• Real-time tracking

• Positioning accuracy (5-10m)

• Geo-fencing

• External power(storage battery)

• Cut-off power alarm


• Motion detect

Main parameters 

• Model number: LTG-C020

• Network: GSM/ LTE-Cat1

• Location mode: GPS/BeiDou/GLONASS/QZSS/LBS

• Power: DC 9V-100V (storage battery)

• Internal battery: 100mAh

• Protection grades: IP45

• Size: 82*39*20 mm