Pet Tracker II

Pet Tracker II is smaller and lighter than the previous generation Pet Tracker I. Reduces discomfort for pets when wearing it.

Real-time location can be provided via Wi-Fi instead of GNSS. It supports setting "Lost Mode" through the APP, and the device will upload the location more frequently to help you find your lost pet more quickly.

Support user-defined geo-fencing and historical track replay.

Product features 

• Real-time Tracking

• Positioning accuracy(5-10m)

• Customized setting

• Tracking replay

• •Easy-to-ware

• Motion monitor

• Lost Mode

Main parameters 

• Model number: ITG-3200

• Network: NB-IoT

• Power: DC 3.6V(300mAh internal Lithium battery)

• Standby time: 7-14 days

• Protection grades: IP54

• Location mode: Wi-Fi AP

• Size: 50*25*12 mm