Badge Card (BLE AOA)

Built-in BLE module. Using BLE AOA (Angle of Arrival) positioning technology, combined with BLE AOA gateway, the indoor positioning accuracy can reach within 1m. Equipped with geo-fencing and track replay.

The device has a built-in accelerometer to save power consumption through motion detection.

The device is compact and easy to wear.

Product features 

• Real-time Tracking

• Positioning accuracy(<1m)

• Customized setting

• Tracking replay

• Geo-fencing

• Easy-to-ware

• Motion monitor

Main parameters 

• Model number: LTG-0220

 Network: BLE 5.1

• Location mode: BLE AOA

• Power: DC 3.6V(350mAh internal Lithium battery)

• Standby time: 3 months

• Sensor: IMU (G-sensor)

• Size: 86*55*5 mm