5G Industrial Gateway

Changhong 5G Industrial Gateway is a highly integrated wireless router that provides users with wireless, long-range big data transmission services through public 3G/4G/5G networks. Boasting a high-performance industrial-grade 64-bit communication processor, as well as a RS232 (or RS485/RS422) interface, four LAN interfaces, a WAN interface and a Wi-Fi interface, the product can be simultaneously connected to a serial device, an Ethernet device, and a Wi-Fi device for transparent data transmission and routing. The industrial gateway is widely used in smart factories, logistics vehicles, video surveillance equipment and other applications, etc.

Network Support

5G/LTE CAT20/4G/3G/2G

Wireless Configuration

Wi-Fi 6 4T4R DBDC

Internet Access

1(GE) WAN + 4(GE) LAN




Smart factories
logistics vehicle
video surveillance

Wi-Fi 6,4T4R


Multiple Protocols

Continuous power

High Performance