AI Hub(5G+8K+Wi-Fi 6)

The AI Hub combines 5G high-speed network access, Wi-Fi 6 Gigabit LAN coverage, 8K ultra-high-definition decoding, and AI intelligent multi-scenario application. The product adopts the world's leading chip solution, relying on the perfect combination of 5G + Wi-Fi 6, to achieve the industry's highest standard network access and coverage capability, with gigabit-level network bandwidth and ultra-low delay characteristics, it provides perfect network solutions for different applications, including ultra-high-definition live broadcast, VR\AR, games, etc. At the same time, the addition of the MU-MIMO function solves the industry's problem of poor multi-user concurrent access network experience. The product has built-in 8K AI chips of the highest specification in the world, can provide 8K@120FPS video decoding capabilities, support HDR high dynamics and HiFi sound effects, meet the needs of high frame rate scenes such as sports, games, VR, and provides users with a smoother picture quality experience, brings cinema-level ultimate entertainment and audio-visual enjoyment. In addition, the product integrates 4TOPS NPU units, locates intelligent edge computing nodes, and empowers AI to provide sufficient computing power for different levels of AI applications such as image and sound enhancement, target recognition, intent prediction, and reasoning, and easily build the hub of future home edge computing and smart home control.

This product integrates the network center, entertainment center, data center, control center, and computing power center. It can be widely used in different scenarios such as homes, bars, clubs, training institutions etc., with flexible deployment、convenient use and powerful functions. From data collection, AI mining to value realization, the gateway can provide a powerful cornerstone of capabilities to empower families and various industry scenarios, helps operators upgrade their businesses, and let users truly experience the beauty of technology, and share a new digital life of networking, informatization, and intelligence.

DDR/Flash Memory

3GB | 6GB 16GB

5g.png5G module



1*HDMI 2.1


2*USB 3.0

Wireless configuration

Wi-Fi 6, BT4.2


NPU for AI

5G gateway

8K@120FPS AVS3\H.265\VP9\AV1