2023 Technology Feast: Changhong NeoNet Wi-Fi Portfolio Successfully Passed the WFA Multi-Vendor Interoperability Testing for Device Roaming

  • 2023-09-27

The 2023 Wi-Fi Interoperability Event for Device Roaming, hosted by Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA), was recently held simultaneously in Beijing, Taipei and Santa Clara, bringing together industry leaders such as Wi-Fi chipset vendors, device manufacturers, telecoms, and ecosystem SP, etc. Sichuan Changhong NeoNet Technologies Co., Ltd. (Changhong NeoNet) was invited to attend the event, and its Wi-Fi 6 routers once again demonstrated outstanding performance in the wireless communication field by passing all the relevant tests.

Powered by a high-performance Wi-Fi 6 chipset, Changhong NeoNet's AX3000 router supports IEEE 802.11 k/v/r roaming technology, enabling wired, wireless and hybrid EasyMesh communication. Through embedded intelligent algorithms, the router can dynamically adjust to the location of the STA to achieve seamless automatic roaming and provide users with optimal network coverage and access services.


According to a Changhong NeoNet manager, the company is currently focused on four major business areas: full broadband networking, end-to-end IoT solutions, smart media and pan-intelligent devices. Changhong NeoNet is committed to investing equally in research and development of both infrastructure technology and product innovation. In the near future, the company will launch more new products in 5G, Wi-Fi, IoT, 8K, FTTR and other fields, providing customers with a faster, smarter, and safer wireless networking experience.