CES 2023 | Changhong NeoNet Technologies showcases its four core businesses at the exhibition to actively expand the global market!

  • 2023-01-11

The 2023 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES 2023) was held in Las Vegas, USA. As a vane of global consumer electronics, major brands were showcasing the most cutting-edge technology and innovative technologies in this grand event. Changhong NeoNet Technologies participated in the exhibition with four core businesses, attracting a large number of European and American customers to experience and negotiate business.

In this exhibition, Changhong NeoNet Technologies fully demonstrated its deep industry precipitation and technology accumulation in the IoT in recent years around the four business areas of smart home, tracking and positioning, smart camera and full bandwidth network, including the latest Matter smart home communication protocol and ecological access, AoA high-precision positioning/fingerprint positioning algorithm, sensor algorithm, low power consumption and three-proof design and other core technologies, as well as related products and end-to-end system solutions.

With continuous innovation and ever-changing technologies in the IoT industry, the vigorous development of the market has prompted Changhong NeoNet Technologies to further strengthen its own development strategy in this industry.

After five years of continuous incubation and cultivation, Changhong NeoNet Technologies has established research and development, product and marketing teams with comprehensive technical capabilities and rich product and project experience. On the spot, the reporter noticed that Changhong NeoNet Technologies' personnel actively received overseas customers in the booth and conference room to explore opportunities for cooperation.

The global economy is gradually recovering in the post-pandemic era. With the rapid development of informatization, networking and intellectualization, the IoT industry has bright prospects.

Changhong NeoNet Technologies insists on starting from the IoT era to empower global operators with concentration, professionalism and innovation. In 2023, the Company will intensify efforts to consolidate the core technology and product arrays, rapidly expand overseas, actively expand the global market, tap more new customers and project opportunities, grow and share the future with customers!